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Yeeda Auto Parts Co.,ltd.



Quality and Safety

Safety First!

    DADAO machinery manufacturing factory and YEEDA auto parts co,ltd, attaches great importance to the safety of its customers. The aim of the company is to ensure the total quality in every department. From raw material control in production to the packaging before shipment, all processes go through the control of the different units in the same departments in order to receive the best results. DADAO&YEEDA, which keep production mistake rate at lower for years by quality tests applied in every stage of production.We that follows the total quality concept and is pleased to provide its high-quality products to its customers. Keeping the maintenance of the latest technology production machines used in production lines on time also the part of caring the safety of its employees on first place. Therefore, we strictly address the safety as the priority.

Total Quality    

    YEEDA&DADAO that aspires total quality approach has constantly increased its production capacity upon investments and quality works made and has become a trusted partner in the world aftermarket. We actively export its high-quality products to many countries located in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, America.

    At all stages from the start to the end of production, we closely monitor and check the quality of its products and ensures that reliable and high-quality products are offered to its customers. All tests and procedures are carried out by highly experienced engineers until they find the right quality to develop the aftermarket industry.